The Lago Maggiore Express offers you an unforgettable journey by train and ship. The daily round trip can be started in several places, and you can choose from these ticket options:

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Lago Maggiore Express

A day of contrasts awaits you: you will travel in Ticino, the southern part of Switzerland and in Italy. You will navigate accross the Lago Maggiore visiting the Islands, the castles. With the scenic .... 

Info e Contacts

- SSIF, Domodossola: +39 0324 24 20 55 
- La Biglietteria Fart, Locarno: +41 091 751 87 31 
- Navigazione Lago Maggiore, Arona: +39 0322 233 200

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Domodossola: +39 0324 24 20 55
La Biglietteria Fart
Locarno: +41 091 751 87 31
Navigazione Lago Maggiore
Arona: +39 0322 233 200

from 25/03/18 to 14/10/2018

This excursion allows you to admire the beauty of the most striking Vigezzo Valley and Lake Maggiore with the Borromean Islands. Further information may be obtained at the ticket station SSIF, at the stop for boat of Navigazione Lago Maggiore.